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Christian Doepke - Pianist. Composer


"Lyricism and groove should not be contradictory.  The same applies to pace, depth and gracefulness, let alone swing and intelligence.  In addition, the compositions of the Amsterdam-based pianist also tell wonderful stories, which really dots the i's.

Doepke, a romantic at heart like Bill Evans has developedhis own signature on the 88 keys with a clear touch and a sovereign technique, that clearly distinguishes him from the German jazz pianist masses.

You'll see someone buckled down to a concert grand, who is equally familiar with sunlit open spaces in a forest and the liveliness of a metropolis, witness "Eaven Knows" and Looking For Trouble." (Jazzpodium)

Christian Doepke is a pianist, composer and visual artist from Munich, Germany, based in Amsterdam.  In the past 25 years he worked as a pianist and keyboard player in jazz, fusion and pop ensembles.  He performed many live gigs, studio sessions, worked in TV shows, arranged and played for theater shows and film scores.

He recorded three albums with his own compositions:

"Heaven Knows" Solo piano (2003)

"Ad Libs" Christian Doepke Trio featuring Rick Margitza on Jazz & Milk (2008)

"Patience" feat. Bob Sheppard, Jasper Somsen & Jasper van Hulten on Zennez Records (2018)

Christian worked with musicians and vocalists like: Bob Sheppard, Rick Margitza, Claudio Roditi, Don Braden, William Galison, Philip Harper, Sheila Jordan, Thaïsa Olivia, Rhiannon, Masha Bijlsma, Deborah Carter and many more.

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