Solo Albums

New album "Patience" feat. Bob Sheppard  out on Zennez Records  Release 2nd of February 2018

Listen here!

"Ad Libs" Christian Doeke Trio feat. Rick Margitza, Christian Diener & Guido May on Jazz & Milk ( 2008) 

"Think Twice" from Ad Libs for a Addidas Skateboard DVD

Live Piano Meditations

Video & Photo┬┤s by Melanja Palitta

Improvisation has always been an essential part of Christian's career as a professional pianist. 

In recent years, he increasingly felt the urge to play for people who are meditating, helping them find their inner center or deep relaxation. 

Of course there are thousands of meditation CDs, but Christian stands out because he performs acoustically during meditation. He meditates with people, without preparing anything in advance, drawing inspiration from the atmosphere in the room and the energy of the people in it, 
opening himself and improvising in the moment.

Christian's vast experience as a player and improvisor has made him confident that the right melodies will present themselves, thus further enriching meditation.

Christian offers live piano meditation during savasana or regular yoga lessons. His approach is also an excellent fit for meditation centers, health resorts or prayer rooms at hospitals and hospices.

All that Christian requires is a tuned piano or grand piano. If you are interested, feel free to get in touch with him.