Art & Improvisation

In a theater, Jazz club or concert hall I show slow slide presentations of my art work on a large screen and I improvise  on a grand piano or keyboards alternated with my own compositions if these can enhance the atmosphere. The intention is for spectators to sit and relax on comfortable chairs in these hectic times.

Nowadays all (cinema) films, videos and commercials on TV are cut hectic and fast. If you watch slide shows from great artists on the internet, they run at too fast a pace. If you want to focus on a specific work of art and press the pause button, the music will also stop.

My wish is to bring people into a relaxed state of mind. Drawing gives me peace of mind and had a beneficial therapeutic effect on me.

 I would like to pass this experience of peace and relaxation on to my audience. In my improvisations I will use the atmosphere of the room and the energy of the audience to create a whole in which art and music merge.One person looks more at my work, the other listens to the music or is dreaming away.My slideshows will be shown at a slow pace, giving the audience ample time to take the images to work. 

The music and improvisations will further underline this experience and the whole concept  lies therefore exactly in between a gallery visit and a concert.